Dictionary of Recycling Terms

While recycling is nothing new - it’s been around for decades - it is certainly gaining more attention every day. With renewed emphasis on the circular economy, bio-based plastics, and especially the use of post-consumer recycled plastics, we felt that this was a good time for a Dictionary of Recycling Terms. Like many industries, the recycling industry has many terms, definitions, and acronyms associated with it that can cause confusion, even to those that may be involved with recycling. Our Dictionary of Recycling Terms was put together to help provide an introduction to some of the common, and not so common terms that can be utilized when discussion the recycling industry.

We’ve included a variety of terms related to:

  • General Collection and Recycling
  • Facilities
  • Equipment and Processes
  • Types of Plastic Bales
  • Testing
  • Labels
  • Adhesives

We hope that our Dictionary of Recycling Terms can help you with learning and understanding the terminology associated with the recycling industry and allow you to be more knowledgeable in general when discussing topics related to recycling.

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