Elastomers for Bitumen Modification

Elastomer modification of asphalt binder is an effective solution to improve multiple properties of the final bitumen compound. There are a variety of elastomer options, such as SBS, POE, TPO, EVA, EBA and GMA-grafted polyolefins, to produce elastomer modified bitumen, and the best one will depend on the specific application and desired performance improvements. These elastomers can improve elasticity, viscosity, cohesion, low temperature flexibility, high temperature UV and ageing resistance, wear and fatigue resistance, and resistance to deformation and cracking. These elastomers can provide for formulation flexibility and may even allow for overall reduced cost of the bitumen compound. 

Entec Polymers offers many elastomer solutions for your bitumen shingles, flexible roofing membranes or payment compounds. Contact us to find out more about these elastomer options and to let us assist you with your bitumen formulations.