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Plastics are a huge part of our everyday lives.  They add color and soft features to our household, help to keep us safe, provide convenience in food preparation and serving, and even keep our seasonal goods fresh and protected while in storage.  With a little creativity and a lot of technical development, plastics have become a necessary part of the home and office environments.  Consider the flooring that we walk on, the pictures hanging on the wall, the trash containers and storage bins hidden away in nooks and alcoves – all of which capitalize on the unique properties of plastic to enrich our lives.

Plastics used in indoor spaces have been around for decades, and recent generations have embraced their easily changed colors and textures.  If you are looking for ways to increase the properties of your durable goods, let Entec Polymers know your desired improvements.  Our portfolio can help with soft or stiff features, increased flexibility or stress crack resistance, better formability, increased filler acceptance, higher gloss, improved clarity, or better high or low temperature resistance.

Ask us about plastomer and elastomer technologies for soft and durable applications, olefin block copolymers for high temperature resistance, polystyrene and styrenic copolymers for stiff and tough applications, polyethylene or polypropylene for great organoleptic feel, or any of our recyclable thermoplastics for long term sustainability.