TOPAS® COC resins are amorphous, transparent copolymers based on cyclic olefins and ethylene.

TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymers are ultra-pure, crystal-clear materials with a wide range of unique properties.

Key properties and uses of TOPAS COC resin grades include:

  • Purity: from direct drug contact to food packaging films, TOPAS COC plastics have broad global regulatory compliance
  • Glass-Clear: sparkling films, glass-like healthcare containers, and high performance diagnostics with UV transparency
  • Amorphous: heat resistance in packaging film, PCR, sterilizable devices and more, plus thermoforming and shrink benefits
  • Olefin: compatible blends with polyethylene, often with improved reclaim and recycle characteristics for sustainability
  • Barrier: resists moisture, alcohols, acids and more for product protection in foods, medicine, and electronics

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