Polybutylene (PB)

Polybutylene (PB) - This material is also known as Polybutene-1 (PB-1) and it is a member of the polyolefin family of thermoplastics. Polybutylene is produced by polymerizing butene-1 using Zeigler-Natta catalysts which produce a unique isotactic, semi-crystalline polymer that is ideally suited for applications requiring high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance. This material also provides a higher level of creep resistance compared with other polyolefins and it displays an elevated level of chemical resistance. Polybutylene can be processed by injection molding or extrusion. PB-1 is commonly used in pipe, hot melt adhesives, compounds and masterbatch concentrate applications. LyondellBasell Industries is the primary supplier of PB-1 grades.

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