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Polybutylene (PB)

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Polybutylene-1 (PB-1) is a member of the polyolefin family of thermoplastics that is polymerized from butene-1. P-1 offers some unique properties compared to other polyolefins including having the highest shear thinning, the lowest melt viscosity, and the lowest heat of fusion. These characteristics allow PB-1 to not only melt first in the extruder barrel which provides for good homogenization, but to require lower energy to melt. This is why PB-1 can help disperse colorants and additives and prevent them from re-agglomerating. In addition, PB-1 has a slow crystallization rate which makes them an excellent choice for some hot melt adhesive applications. PB-1 also offers higher creep resistance than other polyolefins and maintains its properties better at elevated temperatures.

Typical applications for PB-1 include pressure tanks, hot melt adhesives, peel-seal films, fiber modification, compound modification and as a carrier resin for color and additive concentrates.

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