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Polysulfone (PSU)

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Polysulfone (PSU) is an amorphous, high temperature, high performance polymer based on phenylene units linked by three different chemical groups: isopropylidene, ether, and sulfone. Key characteristics of PSU are its excellent thermal stability, high toughness and strength, good environmental stress crack resistance, high temperature resistance, transparency and low creep. PSU can be processed by most standard processing methods. Typical applications include automotive fuses, headlight bezels, plumbing fittings, home appliances, non-stick cookware, airplane dishes, pump impellers, filter membranes, and high temperature visors.

Polymers PSU


Polymer Characteristics

  • High strength
  • High HDT 325-400°F
  • Long term CUT 320-360°F
  • Low creep
  • Good chemical resistance (especially to acids)
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Transparent
  • Dimensional stability

The exceptional property spectrum of these materials even allows them to replace thermosets, metals and ceramics.

Typical Applications

  • Faucet cartridges, plumbing components, pumps and impellers, Fuses, connectors, lamp sockets, headlight reflectors, sensors
  • Housings, trays, medical components
  • Microwave safe dishes, popcorn maker covers
  • Electronic chip trays / carriers
  • Aircraft panels
  • Bearings, tension and drive pulleys
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