Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA)

Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA) is a transparent polymer that is based on styrene and maleic anhydride. The main characteristics of SMA copolymer are its transparent appearance, high heat resistance, high dimensional stability, and the specific reactivity of the anhydride groups. The latter feature results in the solubility of SMA in alkaline (water-based) solutions and dispersion.

SMA is available in a broad range of molecular weights and maleic anhydride (MA) contents. In a typical combination of those two properties, SMA is available as a crystal clear granule that can be used in a wide variety of applications. SMA polymers with a high molecular weight are widely used in engineering plastic applications, normally in the impact modified and optional glass fibre filled variants. Alternatively, SMA is available in its unfilled, transparent version that can be blended into other polymers like ABS, PVC or PMMA to boost the heat resistance and HDT. The solubility of SMA in alkaline solutions makes it suitable for various applications in the field of sizings (paper), binders, dispersants and coatings. The specific reactivity of SMA makes it a suitable agent for compatibilizing normally incompatible polymers (ex: ABS/PA blends) or cross-linking.

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