Ascend Performance Materials HiDura MED


Ascend Performance Materials has a long history of providing high-quality, reliable polyamide solutions for demanding applications. Following this tradition, they are introducing HiDura™ MED, high-performance nylon 66 products targeted for use in the healthcare industry. HiDura™ MED is available in unfilled, high impact and glass-reinforced grades that meet the stringent requirements for use in healthcare applications. HiDura™ MED products not only meet the requirements of ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10, but they are also compliant with RoHS, REACH, California Proposition 65 and are free of BPA, phthalates and ozone-depleting substances. Typical applications for HiDura™MED include braces, medical furniture, patient support, filtration equipment and membranes, auto-injectors, scalpel handles, forceps, clamps, medical equipment housings, protective cases, sensors, connectors, wearables, and sutures and tapes.

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