Plastics Periodic Table

The world of plastics revolves around unique types of chemistry that make polymers one of a kind with very different properties. In today’s publication, we generalize the concept of the Entec Plastics Periodic Table to introduce customers to a framework upon which to think about polymer chemistry!

Currently, there are 118 known elements; 92 of them occur naturally on the Earth’s surface. Within the material science world, polymer chemistry focuses on the set of reactions and dynamics that govern these man-made products. Below, we transition from the classical periodic table and introduce the Plastics Periodic table! Here, we distinguish between amorphous and semi-crystalline materials and offer a guide that groups materials by type: commodity, engineering, elastomers, and specialty polymers. Each class offers a unique and market and application specific advantage. Our technical department can help you navigate the material selection process to ensure you have the right material for your application.

Periodic Table

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