Making a Better Glue

Commonly referred to as adhesives, these materials are designed to be applied with little effort and through many different processes. Some adhesives are sprayed on, some are liquid coated, some are brushed or pressed on and many are extruded in line with other materials.

Entec Polymers provides resins that are typically used to enhance the physical and chemical properties of a final adhesive compound. These polymers are an integral part of the backbone where more strength is needed, where the ability to bond to a metal or foil is required, or where an adhesive is also used as a sealant.

Whether you are searching for high melt flow ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), ethylene butyl acrylate (EBA), maleic anhydride grafts (MAH), polybutene-1 (PB-1), ethylene ethyl acrylates (EEA), ethylene acrylic acids (EAA), plastomers, elastomers, ionomers, metallocene polyethylene or styrenic copolymers, Entec has the products and knowledge you need to design your application.