Electrical & Electronics

Global Supply with Regional Support

Plastics are key elements in the weight, feel, look and durability of your favorite “accessories” and can literally make or break the life-span of these products. Polymer electronics technology is not only on the outside of your electronics, but is also a large part of the internal circuits, wiring, battery casings, and even makes up the water proofing for many new components.

If you are involved with the creation of electronics, electronic accessories (such as cell phone covers, laptop docking stations or gaming add-ons), or any of the little things that are critical to the system as a whole, let Entec know about your plastic requirements. Our portfolio and technical expertise extend beyond molding and into additive requirements for static resistant or conductive polymers, UV limitation, color consistency, and organoleptic (taste, odor and feel) considerations. Where the base polymers are limited, Entec can make custom compounds to fit your customer’s goals.

The Entec Polymers product line features popular materials such as polypropylene (PP), ignition resistant polystyrene (IRPS), high clarity polycarbonate (PC), heat resistant polyamides (PA), liquid crystal polymers (LCP), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), plastomers, elastomers and acetal copolymer (POM).

Entec can support your local developmental requirements, and for global molding locations, we can provide service through our partner companies. Ask for more information on products that are sourced and supplied from multiple production plants.

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