Outdoor Consumer Goods

Waterproof. Colorful. Kid-Proven.

In the early days of plastics, many that were used in outdoor settings were considered brittle or “cheap”. This mindset tarnished the image of polymer technology for many decades, however, vastly improved technologies have now allowed plastics to pervade industries such as children’s outdoor play equipment, industrial storage wrap, tents and awnings, and many large outdoor automotive and industrial accessories. Plastic science has come a very long way in both understanding and withstanding how the elements will effect a part.

Now when you walk the aisles of your local construction wholesaler or children’s toy store you can’t miss the use of plastic materials to enhance the appeal and longevity of a product. From wood-plastic composite lumber to multi-wall plastic sheeting for displays and windows to the film that wraps pallets for outdoor storage. These resins are designed to withstand the elements either for short or very long periods of time. Just think of how much more comfortable the contoured plastic seats on a swing-set are now as compared to the original metal or wood seats of the past!

Let Entec Polymers know what forming process you are using, the final application and the demands of your consumers and we can help to choose the resin that will meet all of your needs. If you have a polymer already chosen, but still need to add UV or other weatherability additives to protect your part, we can help you there as well. Ask us about our line of master-batch resins designed to be easily blended in at the press.

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