Entec Polymers “In the Business of Better” Webinar Series

The Entec Polymers “In the Business of Better” Webinar Series provides valuable educational information on current plastic industry trends. Expert speakers deliver knowledge on a variety of cutting-edge topics, and answer questions submitted live by viewers. This is a great opportunity to learn while getting to know the team at Entec Polymers. We hope that you will join us for our next online event.


Driving the Future of EV. Hosted by Entec Polymers with special guest presenter Sandy Munro from Munro & Associates.

Driving the Future of EV. Hosted by Entec Polymers with special guest presenter Sandy Munro from Munro & Associates.

DESCRIPTION: An in depth benchmarking viewpoint of the materials being adopted in the EV design landscape. Munro & Associates will advise and recommend strategies related to the components that are designed specifically to the Electric Vehicle. A synopsis of the current overall market in North America, where it is headed, and how fast! Please join us for an exciting discussion that should entice the appetite of any Automotive enthusiast.

GUEST PRESENTER: Sandy Munro from Munro & Associates



Sandy Munro, Founder and CEO of Munro & Associates, has over 40 years of hands-on experience implementing change through innovation and hard work. Working on everything from Barbie® to the International Space Station, Sandy’s patented Lean Design® methodology has made him the go-to solution provider for cost reduction and quality improvement.

Sandy has assessed nearly every go-to market EV since 1991, including the EV1, BMWi3, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Bolt, the Tesla Model S, X, 3, and Y, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Sandy and his Team have dissected them all.

Sandy shares his wealth of EV knowledge on his YouTube channel, Munro Live. He and his team of experts offer viewers, a behind the scenes look at Munro’s teardown process. Sandy’s entertaining yet informative approach attracts an attentive and diverse audience.

Munro’s Specialties: New product development, training & workshop facilitation, benchmarking & technology reports, reverse engineering & IP patent reviews, design & manufacturing optimization, development lifecycle support, program implementation, and supply chain management.


Automotive Industry Outlook 2022: Navigating Disruption in a Time of Industry Transformation | Presented By S&P Global


    • Macroeconomic outlook
    • High level global sales and production outlook
    • Chip shortage: is the end in sight?
    • US light vehicle sales review
    • North American light vehicle production deep dive
    • Powertrain and electrification outlook and discussion
    • Q&A

Presenter: Mike Wall | Executive Director of Automotive Analysis at S&P Global

Hosted By: Eric Parrell, Alex Lukshaitis & Benjamin Houriez | Entec Automotive Team

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Automotive Industry Outlook 2021: Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Rapidly Changing Landscape | Presented By IHS Markit

IHS Market

As countries around the world rush to deploy COVID-19 vaccines on an unprecedented scale to stave off further spikes in infections, the auto industry continues in its efforts to rebuild inventories and support recovering demand. Given the production disruption related to forced shutdowns last year and the somewhat deliberate re-start in many markets, the global supply chain remains fragile with recent reports of semiconductor shortages representing only one example of challenges facing the industry as it looks to return to a profile of recovery and growth. This virtual event will discuss IHS Markit’s latest Automotive outlook with a particular focus on vehicle demand and supply conditions and trends impacting the industry.


  • Review the latest economic outlook particularly as it impacts the auto industry
  • Examine the latest global light vehicle sales and production settings
  • Discuss IHS Markit’s US light vehicle sales outlook, trends influencing the market and the North American light vehicle production outlook
  • Explore broader megatrends to watch, including increasing deployment of Electric Vehicles and emerging new mobility trends

Presenter: Mike Wall | Executive Director of Automotive Analysis at IHS Markit

Hosted By: Eric Parrell & Alex Lukshaitis | Entec Automotive Business Managers

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Overview of Disinfectant-Resistant Durable Plastics

In our current global pandemic environment, the need to reduce infection transmission by keeping surfaces clean and sterile has created a need for durable plastic products of all types to withstand today’s caustic disinfecting chemicals, including those certified to kill COVID-19. Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) is a solvent-induced failure mode where chemical disinfectants attack molded-in stresses, causing cracking, crazing, loss of impact strength and eventual premature product/part failures. With nearly 25% of all plastic part failures already attributed to ESC, the frequency of these failures are expected to worsen. This webinar will discuss the need to rethink traditional material selections and a thorough review of chemically resistant options which can survive repeated cleanings with relevant ESC resistance data for dozens of materials.

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Navigating Logistics Through Today’s Supply Change

From production delays, to force majeure. From weather events, to global pandemics. There are hundreds of hurdles to overcome in order to get material available in the first place. Hurdles that have only gotten higher in today’s world. Factor in the struggles in the trucking industry, and the likelihood of not meeting expectations inevitably grows. In collaboration with several of our key logistics partners, this webinar is designed to outline the current freight environment. We’ll offer insight on our near-term projections, what we are doing to overcome the obstacles we face, as well as offer suggestions to help navigate them from beginning to end. Little changes, such as small tweaks to ordering patterns, modifying receiving availability, and production transparency can greatly minimize the supply obstacles encountered when keeping your production moving, and your inventory turning.


Sean Williams | Vice President of Operations at Ravago

Jay Pickett | Transportation Services Manager at Ravago

Alex Barrett | Maritime Procurement & Capacity Manager at Ravago

Mike Coots | AVP Sales and Marketing at Plastic Express

Andrew Greer | Worldwide Account Manager at FedEx

Matthew Johnson | Director of Business Development at Arrive Logistics

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Polymeric Compatibilizers for Blends and Recycled Compounds

This presentation will provide an introduction to polymeric compatibilizers for use in polymer blends and recycled compounds. It will cover the basic types of polymeric compatibilizers and why they are used. After the presentation you should have a good understanding of polymeric compatibilizers and how they are used to improve the properties of blends and recycled compounds. You should also be better prepared to select the best compatibilizer for your specific compound or blend. Application examples will also be discussed.

Presenter: Jim Johnson | Compounding Business Manager & Director of Commercial Plastics Technology at Entec

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Enabling a Sustainable Future in Plastics through Application Development

As a distribution leader, we pride ourselves in collaborating for a sustainable tomorrow though our circular approach. Entec Polymers is dedicated to providing solutions and services that are environmentally and economically sustainable, beyond just the materials we distribute. It is our mission to lead and inspire collaboration to develop comprehensive sustainable solutions in plastics distribution through our Core Principles of Sustainability.

Our Development and Design Principle allows us to incorporate innovative polymer technologies that help our customers and brand owners achieve their sustainability goals. Our applications engineering team focuses on replacing traditional materials (glass, metal, wood, etc.) and light weighting plastic parts to reduce material consumption. Additionally, Entec’s processing expertise incorporates the use of bio-based, compostable, and recycled resins without compromising product performance or processability. This webinar will expand upon how we use these approaches across our core markets: Packaging, Automotive, and Compounding.

Create a sustainable present with us to ensure a viable future!

Presented by Entec's Business Development Team

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