Serving a Complex Market, One Part at a Time

Through strategic partnerships, we also serve the needs of the European automotive OEMs and Tier I’s with production facilities in the NAFTA region. Entec has been producing and distributing quality thermoplastics since 1985 and we offer the commercial sales support, technical production support and local stocking support for every auto OEM and Tier I/Tier II. The automotive market has been and continues to be a top focus for our company, and we have assembled more than 100+ years of combined experience serving this industry in order to stay at the top.

Since applications in the automotive market are incredibly diverse, Entec has grown its supply base and technical knowledge to cover almost every area of a vehicle. From under the hood/PTUH, interior trim and exterior trim. To durability and light-weighting, we offer a wide range of products to choose from. Through our manufacturing partners in multiple production locations throughout the NAFTA region, Entec Polymers puts a heavy focus on finding the right material for each application. We are confident our technical support, customer focused approach and market know-how will provide each level of the Automotive sector what is needed to survive and flourish in an ever changing marketplace.

You can find automotive specifications using our Product Finder or directly from our suppliers:

Auto Brochure

Automotive Brochure

Local Solutions. Global Reach



  • Every vehicle’s personality starts with the exterior appearance. The individual needs of each segment mandates everything that is aligned and set up for function and performance. Exterior trim or functional hardware must endure a variety of elements.
  • Aesthetic demands, color/texture/gloss. Weathering resistance. Safety performance. Enduring strength. Haptic performance. Combining all of the design criteria into our materials validates a commitment to excellence that better serves everyone.
  • ABS, ASA, PBT, PA6, PC, PC-ABS, POM, PP, TPO, short and long glass filled, mineral and glass filled, mineral filled, and alloys. Supporting every application including Bumper Systems, Exterior Trim, Headlamps, Cowl Screens, Door Handles, Outside Rearview Mirrors, Wheel Arch Liners, Wiper Systems, Rocker Panels, and Structural Supports that enhance durability.



Entec Extreme Environment Polymers
  • The most demanding conditions an automobile faces exist under the hood. Whether its propulsion or thermal solutions you want to resolve we have the material choices to meet the challenge.
  • High temperature. Chemical or fluid resistance. Conductivity prevention. Structural integrity. Our diverse portfolio of performance polymers will meet the design criteria necessary for your application.
  • Providing objective solutions to complex environments will ensure the correct resin is utilized. PBT, PET, PPA, PPE, PPS, PA66, PA6, PE, PP, short and long glass filled, mineral and glass filled, alloys. Comprehensive best describes our approach to product development.



  • Upon entry to the vehicle we immediately start judging the appearance and feel as we step inside. Interior trim provides the harmony. Seating mandates comfort for a long drive. Structural consistency is mandate of high performance.
  • Aesthetic demands, color/texture/gloss. Weathering resistance. NVH performance. Enduring strength. Scratch/Mar resistance. Haptic performance. Application criteria that touch all of the senses will be met by our extensive line of resins to serve all of these expectations.
  • ABS, ASA, PBT, PA66, PA6, PC, PC-ABS, PE, POM, PP, TPO, short and long glass filled, mineral and glass filled, mineral filled, and alloys. Our material applications inside the vehicle are everywhere as follow: Trim, Seating, I/P, Center Console, Door Hardware, Sound Dampening, Sunroof and Visor elements, etc.

Electric Vehicles

Entec EV Car

Entec has been supplying and supporting the Auto Industry for over 35 years. The next generation of automobiles is here, and as Electric Vehicles expand in the market we will all be faced with new challenges. Technical performance criteria goes beyond standard physical and mechanical properties, and materials will need to overcome stringent requirements including high and/or continuous temperature, high voltage, chemical resistance, and EMI shielding. With our technical experts, broad range of EV compatible materials, and strategically placed warehouses, Entec will power comprehensive solutions for your Electric Vehicle program.


DESIGN - Entec supports our customers by reviewing part and tool design, troubleshooting moldflow and CAE requirements so your process runs efficiently.


TESTING - We pride ourselves in verification of part performance, ensuring all critical technical requirements are met.


PROCESSING - Our technical experts are capable of optimizing the processing window for dimension, appearance, and cycle time.


MANUFACTURING - We partner with our customers to provide support during every step of their program, even after production has started.

Entec Understands The Future of EV

  • Electric vehicles are certainly at the forefront of modern automotive design. What are the unique differences that drive these new vehicles? What are the performance demands? We are working with the OEM’s to help conquer these obstacles and verify the sustainability.
  • New challenges of more electrical components located around the entire vehicle. Power components in the interior trim are still growing rapidly. Touch screens that enhance the driver/passenger experience and offer what seems to be limitless options to what our vehicles can do. Surprise and delight features that offer more challenges beyond standard mechanical designs.
  • Tackle flame retardant and high heat system criteria. Passing electrical testing that must endure stringent environmental swings and chemical challenges. Diverse material options are right here to enhance your design solution.


Carbon Fiber Light Weighting

Entec Design Strategy

  • Seeking weight reduction is still a central focus in the Automotive segment. Let us help you and your team mitigate any risks by assisting with the evaluation of the design related to FEA, molding, or assembly. We have the technical experience to set up primary directives that will ensure the best performing part in the optimal weight condition.
  • Migrating a part design from metal to plastic seems challenging enough so we encourage you to let our material experts assist you along the path. Environment? Apparent modulus? Impact? Aesthetics? These are just a few of the key critical criteria we will take in to consideration upon design maturation.
  • Material choices for the application are what we do best. Interior Trim, Exterior Trim, PTUH components have been a part of our history and our toolbox of solutions will provide the answers you need to process and validate your parts the first time. We want to optimize your material option!

Heavy Truck

Three large red trucks

Entec Commercial Transportation

  • Commercial transportation is the ultimate challenge of durability and extreme environments. We anticipate the needs of these components must survive at least 5 times the normal amount of usage and abuse.
  • Heavy trucks are maturing faster every lifecycle. Longer testing with more service representatives, cosmetic functionality, bigger and heavier components bring the ultimate challenge of design. Competition and demand are rising as the economy continues to grow and the heavy truck market battles to keep up.
  • We have the materials that meet all of the applications from front to back, under the hood, to propulsion, and inside the cab. Selecting the right engineered thermoplastic is a challenge that we embrace. Give us a chance to prove our technical experience will provide the competitive edge to ultimate success.

Commercial Truck Material Positioning Guide

Commercial Truck Material Positioning Guide
Automotive Material Positioning Guide

Automotive Material Positioning Guide

Resin Selection Made Easier

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Entec Auto Applications ~ Two Shot Molding Solutions

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