Packaging constitutes one of the largest markets in the world for the use of plastic resin.

All Markets

As an industry that relies on complex engineering and process design, access to a supplier with the broadest possible portfolio is a necessity. Entec Polymers provides the packaging industry with an extensive range of products, coupled with broad experience and technical knowledge in processes such as: blown and cast film, extrusion coating and laminating, blow molding, injection molding, sheet extrusion, thermoforming and many other converting technologies.

The plastic food packaging market is divided between two major categories – Rigid Packaging and Flexible Packaging – and Entec places an equal focus on both sides of the industry.

Rigid Packaging

For these applications, Entec not only provides expertise in commodity resins such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS), but can also help you modify these structures to create added value (i.e. better flexibility, toughness, stress crack resistance, cold temperature durability, increased barrier and even better processing). Our technical experience draws from a wide variety of market categories, and we bring the best chemistry together to help you improve your parts. Whether you are making bottles, caps, cups, trays, buckets, pails, lids, or any other rigid structure, we can help you break through the barriers of the final application performance.

In addition to these rigid structures, Entec specializes in resins that go into labels, bottle shoulders, tubes, sleeves and other products that are critical to final performance. Even if your company only makes one part for the final packaged good, we understand how all of these pieces come together to ensure product and package integrity.

Where your rigid packaging applications need to be improved, the Entec Polymers line card includes products for:

  • Optics improvements
  • Output rate increases
  • Viscosity modification
  • Cold temperature impact improvement
  • Tie-layer bonding
  • Compatibilization
  • High stiffness
  • Soft touch
  • Chemical and moisture barrier

Flexible Packaging

Mono and multi-layer film extrusions require a solid understanding of not only the resins being melted, but also how they will interact with one another to create the final structure. Entec’s technical staff understands these concerns and works with the customers and suppliers to educate, develop and promote the newest and most complete technologies for film, sheet, profile extrusion and laminations.

Where film structure design is critical to your success, our engineering group can help to recommend products for your entire structure, including:

  • Skin and sealant layer resins
  • Higher output rates
  • Peel-seal and easy open
  • Foil adhesion resins
  • Increased toughness
  • Thermoforming strength
  • High tear strength resins
  • High elasticity resins
  • Tie-layer resins
  • Abuse and impact resistance resins
  • High clarity and low haze resins
  • High temperature resistance
  • High stiffness resins
  • Permeability tailoring

For more information, ask your sales representative about food grade plastic and FDA resin assurances.