Right Materials. Right Place. Right Time.

Entec’s ability to deliver your material is just as important as having the material you need. Whether your inventory stocking model is based on the sophisticated concepts of Kanban, or your inventory replenishment needs are more dynamic, Entec Polymers’ world class logistics team will ensure that your material is prepared, shipped and delivered – when and where you need it.

Entec’s full service, distribution centers and warehouses are strategically located throughout the Americas to provide you with:

  • Rail and bulk truck handling capabilities
  • Packaging, blending and pulverizing
  • Full Testing facilities to ensure material quality and provide other unique testing services for producers and customers

The depth and reach of Entec’s distribution network makes Entec uniquely positioned to respond quickly and completely to the dynamic needs of our customers.

Freight train with containers
Entec Boxes
Yellow Truck On road