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DOW Elvaloy impact modification of PBT and PET Polyester thumbnail

DOW Elvaloy Impact Modification of PBT and PET Polyester

Are you looking for impact modifiers for your PET or PBT polyester compounds? Entec Polymers supplies Dow Elvaloy and Elvaloy AC acrylate copolymers for impact modifying PET and PBT polyesters. Let’s us help you select the best impact modifier for your polyester compound!


DOW Elvaloy for Impact Modification of ABS thumbnail

DOW Elvaloy for Impact Modification of ABS

Do you need to improve the impact performance of your prime or recycled ABS compounds? Dow Elvaloy AC acrylate copolymers can improve the impact and elongation performance of your ABS compounds, even at low loading levels. Let Entec Polymers show you how!


Medical Line Card Thumbnail

Medical Line Card

Are you looking for a one-stop source for your medical polymers needs? Entec Polymers offers one of the broadest portfolios of plastics used in the medical and healthcare markets. Let us help you with your next project. Check out our line card to learn more now!


INEOS Styrolution Lustran ABS Product Guide Thumbnail

INEOS Styrolution Lustran ABS Product Guide

Looking for low gloss and high gloss ABS for your next injection molding or extrusion project? Then look no farther than INEOS Styrolution Lustran® ABS. Offering a broad grade slate of ABS products, from injection molding to extrusion and thermoforming, to high heat and electroplating, Lustran® ABS has got you covered.


Fiber Product Overview Thumbnail

Fiber Product Overview

Are you a converter in the fiber manufacturing space developing a new application or trying to improve output or properties on a new or existing application? Let our team of technical experts help you select the best product for your needs! We offer a diverse array of polymers ranging from PE and PP all the way to PA, PET, PPS and beyond!


BASF ecovio Compostable Polymers Thumbnail

BASF ecovio® Compostable Polymers

Looking for a bio-based polymer? BASF ecovio® is based on polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from corn. This composition makes it more resistant to mechanical stress and moisture, compared to other starch-based bioplastics. Check out the list of our most common ecovio® products in various flexible and rigid applications, and see if ecovio® would be right for your project.


The Importance of Thickness Testing your Rotomolded Parts Thumbnail

The Importance of Thickness Testing your Rotomolded Parts

Would you like to reduce your internal scrap rate and ensure that the rotational molded parts that you are producing meet your customers’ expectations and requirements? Then please take a few minutes to review why we believe having a robust molded part thickness test program will help you and your company.


EMS Grivory HT Series Thumbnail

EMS-Grivory HT Series

Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat on this line of high-performance polyamides! EMS-GRIVORY is one of the world leaders providing advanced solutions to the market with polyphthalamide (PPA) products. These materials enhance the designer’s ability to transition away from costly die cast products and injection mold high temperature performance polymers.


Plastics Periodic Table Thumbnail

Plastics Periodic Table

Hated High School Chemistry, but want to better understand polymer properties? In this publication we will generalize the Entec Plastics Periodic table and later dive deep into the heart of polymer chemistry to help our customers better understand the growing world of plastics.


Polymer Safety Mixing Thumbnail

Polymer Safety Mixing

Safety is always a top concern for every manufacturing plant. Entec Polymers would like to remind all of our manufacturing customers to be cautious of mixing various polymeric materials together when processing. This document highlights two common polymers, acetal and PVC, and what materials should never be mixed in to either of them.


Enplast Medical Grade TP Es Thumbnail

Enplast Medical Grade TPE's

Entec Polymers is pleased to offer a full range of clear, medical grade thermoplastic elastomers. Our Enplast Americas EnFlex® medical grade elastomers come in a range of hardness values from Shore A 45 to Shore D 50. These products can be injection molded, extruded and blow molded into a range of medical components and applications.