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Plastomers, Elastomers & Block Copolymers

Follow these quick comparison charts and product explanations to choose the right product for your application, whether that is an engineered part, a packaging product, an automotive part, a custom compound, or any other high performance application.


Polymers for PVC

Entec Polymers offers a number of polymers that can be used as modifiers in PVC compounds, with ABS, ASA, SMA, EBA and TPU being the primary ones used.


Resins For Concentrates

Entec Polymers has an excellent track record of assisting concentrate producers in developing more effective and efficient concentrates for various end use applications.


CRYSTALADD® Nucleating Masterbatches

Nucleation technology has been used with polymers such as polypropylene and nylon for many years, and it is an effective aid in helping the polymers to crystallize faster and more consistently and to improve physical or mechanical properties.


CRYSTALADD® Processing Guide

CRYSTALADD® Nucleating Masterbatch resins are designed to be added to Polyethylene molding and extrusion processes by direct addition to the machine or by pre-blending with the PE resin or other masterbatch additives (i.e. colorants, slip, anti-block etc.) before processing.