PC/ABS Impact Modification Using Dow Elvaloy

Let Entec Polymers help you improve the impact performance of your recycled PC/ABS compounds using Dow Elvaloy™ and Elvaloy™ AC.

Dow Elvaloy™ AC and Elvaloy™ are ethylene acrylate copolymers and terpolymers and are used to impact modify a variety of different polymers and are especially effective in impact modifying PC/ABS blends. For blends containing less than 50% PC content, Elvaloy™ AC 1330 can be used to effectively increase the notched impact strength down to -0°C. In high ABS content PC/ABS blends, Elvaloy™ AC 1330 has proven to be especially effective. For blends with PC content greater than 50%, a 70/30 blend of Elvaloy™ AC 1330 and Elvaloy™ PTW is recommended in order to minimize any potential delamination issues. The total loading level of Elvaloy™ AC or Elvaloy™ AC + Elvaloy™ PTW should not exceed a maximum of 7%.

In recycled PC/ABS compounds where the percentage of PC may not be known, a 70/30 blend of Elvaloy™ AC 1330 + Elvaloy™ PTW is strongly recommended.

Blends of Elvaloy™ AC 1330 + Elvaloy™ PTW show the best balance of performance, offering:

  • Improvements in impact strength at 23°C, 0°C and -20°C
  • Significantly improved elongation
  • Significantly reduced delamination
  • Reduced melt viscosity
  • Good thermal stability
  • Minimum loss of HDT

Common applications for PC/ABS include:

  • Automotive Glove Boxes
  • Automotive Overhead & Middle Consoles
  • Automotive Knee Bolsters
  • TV Frames
  • Laptop Monitor Enclosures