TOSAF Standard Film Colors

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to color your film products? Entec Polymers is pleased to offer TOSAF standard color masterbatch designed for use in blown and cast film. These masterbatch products allow our customers to quickly and easily color extruded film or injection molded products without the long lead times associated developing/ designing colors from scratch.

Blown and cast film producers utilize a range of different colors for their products. By providing color masterbatch products in common, standard colors, such as yellow, maroon, pink, orange, blue, and red film producers can more quickly and easily color their products without the need to wait for colors to be developed. These products, produced by TOSAF, are provided in colors commonly used by film producers making products for various applications and industries. These colors are provided in high flow LLDPE carrier resins for easy handling and dispersions and can be used in blown and cast film processes as well as in injection molding. The standard let down ratio of 2% can be adjusted to allow for producing film products with differing color intensities, and all products are FDA compliant for food contact applications.