INEOS Styrolution - Using NAS® XC Q530 to reduce the fusion time of PVC Compounds

Did you know that INEOS Styrolution NAS® XC Q530, a styrene methyl methacrylate copolymer, can be used to significantly reduce fusion time in PVC compounds? Learn more about how to improve your output rates, lower your cost, and improve the quality of your PVC compound!

NAS® is the trade name for the INEOS Styrolution brand of styrene methyl methacrylate copolymer (SMMA). NAS® is produced from styrene monomer and methyl methacrylate and offers the advantage of excellent processability, low moisture absorption, low residual stress, high rigidity, and excellent optical properties. In addition to these excellent properties, NAS® also makes an economical processing aid for use in reducing PVC fusion time with low compounding energy consumption.

NAS® XC Q530 is a specific grade of NAS®, in powder form, that has been shown to be an excellent processing additive for PVC compounds. Used at typical loading levels of 1 to 4 phr, NAS® XC Q530 offers the following advantages over more popular acrylic processing aids:

  • Promotes faster fusion and increased production output.
  • More homogeneous and elastic melt.
  • No break, easy to shape, attached very well to the die, good gloss level.
  • Improved melt strength and elasticity.
  • 300-micron powder results in improved material handling, including easy pneumatic transfer and automatic weighing.
  • NAS® XC Q530 was tested against a popular acrylic processing aid per ASTM D2538-18 using a Brabender PlastiCorder Version 4.9.4. Test conditions were as follows:
  • Mixer: Roller type 6 Elect
  • Speed: 60 rpm
  • Mixer Temperature: 165 °C
  • Measuring Range: 50 Nm
  • Test Time: 8 minutes
  • Sample Mass: 65 grams
  • Processing Aid Levels: 0, 0.23, 0.47, 1.01, 2.04, 3.09 and 4.17 phr

Test results show that fusion time drops sharply with increasing levels of NAS® XC Q5530, and that specific energy also drops slightly.

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