Are you looking for high performance ABS products? Then consider CHIMEI POLYLAC® ABS Resin. POLYLAC® is available in a wide range of melt flow index, impact performance, temperature resistance as well as specialty grades with UL94 VO flammability ratings and electroplating grades. Contact your Entec Polymers account representative for more information.

CHIMEI POLYLAC® ABS is a high-performance amorphous polymer that offers many excellent properties, including high stiffness, high impact performance, excellent dimensional stability and low warpage, high gloss, excellent processability and good temperature resistance. POLYLAC® ABS is available in a wide range of melt flow rates, notched Izod impact strength as well as specialty grades that offer high heat resistance, flame retardancy, or the ability to be electroplated.

POLYLAC® ABS is used in many markets such as automotive, plumbing, building and construction, pipe, 3D filaments, power tools, sporting goods, computer and office equipment, and toys.

Key Properties:

  • Self-Colorabilty
  • Impact Strength
  • Flowability
  • Easy Processing
  • Surface Quality & Brilliance
  • Low Temperature Toughness
  • Flame Retardant