Resins and Modifiers for Thermoplastic Compounds

Entec Polymers has the resins, impact modifiers, compatibilizers and additives for all of your compounding projects and applications.

Entec Polymers is a very active supplier to the Compounding Market and offers a wide range of products from resins to modifiers to additives.

  • Base resins for compounds and concentrates
  • Coupling agents for bonding glass fiber and minerals to the base polymer
  • Compatibilizers for use in polymer blends, recycled compounds, contaminated feed-stock
  • Impact modifiers for improving toughness and impact performance of compounds
  • Polymers and modifiers for use in hot melt adhesive formulations

Segments of the Compounding Market that Entec Polymers supports include:

  • PP, PVC, Engineering Resins, Bitumen, Elastomers & Rubber Compounds
  • Recycled Plastic Compounds
  • Wire & Cable Compounds
  • Concentrate Masterbatch for Colorants & Additives
  • Hot Melt Adhesives

Entec Polymers has an excellent track record of assisting compounders in producing more effective, durable and efficient products for various end use applications. We offer a broad range of impact modifiers and compatibilizers that allow you to customize your formulation to meet your specific requirements.

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