DOW CONTINUUM for use in Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Are you looking for ESCR improvement and light-weighting opportunities in your ISBM polyethylene bottles? Then consider DOW CONTINUUM™ bimodal HDPE. These products offer substantial improvements in ESCR, drop impact, top load strength and the ability to lightweight.

DOW CONTINUUM™ resins are bimodal HDPE products produced with a unique dual reactor gas phase process. CONTINUUM™ bimodal resins are essentially a combination of a high molecular weight polymer and a low molecular weight polymer, and the dual reactor process allows for more of the comonomer to be incorporated into the high molecular polymer, where it can provide the most benefit and improvement on physical properties. These bimodal resins offer substantial improvements in environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), drop impact performance, top load strength, and the ability to lightweight blow molded containers. CONTINUUM™ bimodal polyethylene can provide improved performance and longer life in blow molded bottles and containers, even in demanding environments where ESCR is critical.

Key Characteristics of DOW CONTINUUM™ for Injection Stretch Blow Molding Applications

  • Excellent ESCR, Stiffness & Impact Strength
  • Opportunities for Light Weighting
  • Optimized Rheology / Processability
  • Optimized Extensional Properties for Stretch Blow Molding
  • Excellent Gas Barrier Properties with CONTINUUM™ DMDE-6620 Health+ Which can extend shelf life of pharmaceutical packaging


  • Food Bottles & Containers
  • Household Bottles & Containers 
  • Industrial Bottles & Containers
  • Pharmaceutical Containers