Entec “In the Business of Better” Webinar | Overview of Disinfectant-Resistant Durable Plastics

2:00 PM ET

In our current global pandemic environment, the need to reduce infection transmission by keeping surfaces clean and sterile has created a need for durable plastic products of all types to withstand today’s caustic disinfecting chemicals, including those certified to kill COVID-19. Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) is a solvent-induced failure mode where chemical disinfectants attack molded-in stresses, causing cracking, crazing, loss of impact strength and eventual premature product/part failures. With nearly 25% of all plastic part failures already attributed to ESC, the frequency of these failures are expected to worsen. This webinar will discuss the need to rethink traditional material selections and a thorough review of chemically resistant options which can survive repeated cleanings with relevant ESC resistance data for dozens of materials.