Delrin Announces New Partnership with Entec and Channel Prime Alliance

Partnership Allows Each Company to Expand Reach, Solve Customer Problems


Wilmington, DE, April 15, 2024 - Delrin, an industry-leading premium industrial polymer business, is proud to announce new, strategic partnerships with Ravago companies Entec and Channel Prime Alliance. Through this partnership, Entec and Channel Prime Alliance will distribute all grades of Delrin® to customers based in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

“Delrin® is the market-leading homopolymer acetal and is a key ingredient in products ranging from cars to consumer goods, industrial and manufacturing, medical devices, and electronics. This exciting new partnership between these exceptional companies will enable Delrin to reach a broader customer base and help our customers develop innovative solutions to their design challenges,” said Angad Kalsi, Commercial Leader of the Delrin Business in the Americas region.

With decades of expertise in polymer technology, Delrin offers a comprehensive portfolio of homopolymer acetal materials, which is now available to Channel Prime Alliance and Entec customers. Delrin also offers a Renewable Attributed grade that is produced with 100% bio-feedstock to provide a sustainable material choice with the same performance as the fossil-based material.

“Entec and Channel Prime Alliance are proud to work together with Delrin through this new agreement,” said David Roundy, Product Manager at Ravago. “This partnership will allow both companies to strengthen their portfolios and better serve the evolving needs of our customers, while also offering the industry acetal options with better reliability, durability, and performance.”

About Delrin

Delrin is an industry-leading premium industrial polymer business. Grounded in strong innovation, Delrin is a category creator with a longstanding reputation for quality, reliability, supply, and product performance. The iconic Delrin® brand, coupled with proprietary technology and deep application expertise makes us a leader in the high-end engineering polymer market. Delrin has exciting growth prospects from exposure to automotive, actuation, healthcare, mobility and consumer applications.

About Channel Prime Alliance

Channel Prime Alliance stands as a leading force in plastic resin distribution across North America. Specializing in a wide array of plastic resin solutions ranging from commodities to ETPs, Channel Prime Alliance caters to diverse industry needs with a commitment to quality and efficiency. Through strategic partnerships and a robust network, Channel Prime Alliance offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Whether it's sourcing specific resins or providing logistical and technical support, Channel Prime Alliance excels in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, making it a preferred choice in the industry.

About Entec
For over thirty-five years, Entec has helped grow our customers’ businesses by forging strong, trust-driven partnerships. Our global footprint spans the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond, resulting in an international network ready to support a variety of projects and industries.

With a dedicated sales staff leveraging decades of experience, technical guidance provided by degreed engineers and unparalleled logistics expertise, we lead our customers through every stage of their project’s process. From concept to production, we deliver a total solution that not only meets exacting material needs, but also gives our customers a competitive edge in their respective markets.


For more information contact:

Name: Dave Roundy
Company: Ravago Americas
Email/phone: | 385-223-2350

Name: John Lenox
Company: Delrin
Email/phone: | 609-667-5096