INEOS Styrolution Terluran ECO GP22 MR50 Black Product Guide

Terluran® ECO GP22 MR50 black is a post-consumer mechanically recycled grade of ABS that contains at least 50% PCR content in a standard black color. It offers easy flow, high impact, and high HDT with a high quality, high gloss surface appearance. Terluran® ECO GP22 MR50 has similar mechanical properties as virgin Terluran® GP22 which means you don’t have to downcycle. It also offers a lower carbon footprint than virgin Terluran® GP22, and in most cases is a drop-in replacement. It molds just like the virgin Terluran® GP22 and generally requires no changes to processing parameters. Terluran® ECO GP22 MR50 is only available in black or dark grey colors and has multiple regulatory approvals such as UL, RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, E71.3 and SVHC but it is not intended for medical or food contact applications. Typical applications include household and electrical appliances, appliance housings, home and office accessories, and other common injection molded parts requiring good impact and a high gloss surface appearance.

Key Applications

  • Household applications
  • Housings for electronic devices
  • Sanitary applications

Key Properties

  • Impact strength
  • Flowability
  • Dimensional stability
  • High gloss