Rotational Molding Materials Guide

Pulverized resins in powder form specifically formulated for rotational molding. Use this guide to see an overview of densities and melt flows. Contact us for technical support on specific applications.

Entec Polymers is a trusted name in the realm of rotational molding materials. Our commitment to excellence and innovation, we offer a diverse and high-quality range of materials tailored specifically for the rotational molding process. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide array of resins and compounds designed to meet the demanding requirements of various applications. These materials are characterized by their exceptional durability, impact resistance, and UV stability, making them ideal choices for products that need to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Entec Polymers' dedication to product development and customer support ensures that our rotational molding materials consistently meet and exceed industry standards, making us a reliable partner for manufacturers looking to create robust, long-lasting products.

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