Sustainable Polymer Solutions Line Card

A condensed version of Entec Polymers portfolio of bio-based resins, compostable resins, post-industrial and post-consumer recycled resins, and enhancing additives to meet your needs.


Leading and inspiring collaboration to develop comprehensive sustainable solutions in plastics distribution through our Core Principles of Sustainability.


As a member of the Ravago Group, Entec is proud of its foundation in sustainability. Ravago was established as a recycling center when founder, Raf Van Gorp, saw potential in discarded products.

At Entec, we challenge ourselves to implement this novel way of thinking across our business to advocate for responsible behavior. Looking to our roots and building off of Ravago’s Four Pillars of Sustainability: Recycling Excellence, Community Engagement, Environmental Footprint, and Strategic Partnerships, Entec has identified its core competencies which have helped us improve our strategy.

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