Automotive Material Positioning Guide

Material selection made easier. This guide lists applications, key criteria, resin recommendations and polymer trade names from leading suppliers in the automotive industry.

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Automotive components continue to get more complex and performance criteria are always increasing and being pushed to new levels. Entec stays at the forefront of material selection to provide solutions as efficiently as possible. Our Business Development and technical teams have the deepest, and broadest, technical knowledge and experience in the market and are eager to help your project be successful. Whether it’s a napkin sketch, initial design, or a production issue, we constantly strive for excellence. Our experienced account managers, coupled with our logistics savvy will keep you and your team ahead of the competition. We back all these services up with business development expertise that is ready to serve and respond to your questions.

Check out our Automotive Material Positioning Guide. This guide gives you an overview of commonly used polymer materials for automotive applications including interior, exterior, powertrain/underhood, electric vehicles as well as heavy trucks.

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