CHIMEI WONDERLOY® PC/ABS resins offer the high impact resistance, high mechanical properties, and high temperature resistance of polycarbonate in combination with the processability and cold temperature impact of ABS. By varying the ratio of PC and ABS, a range of versatile properties can be obtained. The WONDERLOY® portfolio also includes grades that have high flow, flame retardancy and the ability to be electroplated. WONDERLOY® PC/ABS products can be used in applications where ABS does not meet the temperature resistance requirement or where polycarbonate does not have the necessary chemical resistance. 

Typical applications for PC/ABS include:

  • Automotive Components: Glove Box, Overhead Consoles, Center Consoled, Knee Bolsters, A/C Vents, Lamp Housings, Interior Trim
  • Electroplated Components: Automotive Emblems, Grilles, Wheel Covers
  • Enclosure Housings: Laptop & Desktop Computers, Printers, Monitors, Copiers
  • Electrical Devices: Telephone & Cell Phone Exteriors, Chargers, Remote Controls, Smoke Detectors, Modems, Battery Housings, Switches, Plugs
  • Household Items: Hairdryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Kitchen Electronics, Coffee Makers, Irons, Mixers

For more information on CHIMEI WONDERLOY® PC/ABS, or other CHIMEI resins, please contact us.

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