DOW Elvaloy for Impact Modification of ABS

When producing ABS, recycled ABS or reinforced ABS compounds, impact performance is often critical. Dow Elvaloy™ AC acrylate copolymers can improve the impact performance of your ABS compounds utilizing loading levels of only 5% to 10% and it performs equally well in mass or emulsion polymerized ABS products. Elvaloy™ AC not only improves the room temperature impact performance, but it can also increase cold temperature impact down to 0°C or lower. At a 5% loading level Elvaloy™ AC barely affects the tensile strength, flexural modulus or heat deflection temperature of the original ABS. At a 10% loading level of Elvaloy™ AC there is some reduction in tensile strength and flexural modulus, with the amount of decrease depending on the specific grade of Elvaloy™ AC being used; the reduction in heat deflection temperature is less approximately 2°C. In addition, Elvaloy™ AC can even reduce the viscosity of your final compound by 10% to 20%, resulting in improved melt flow and the ability to more easily fill the mold. Elvaloy™ AC products based on ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) will typically provide better impact performance compared to ethylene butyl acrylate (EBA) grades, even at cold temperatures. Elvaloy™ AC products are available in a range of melt flow rates and comonomer contents providing products to meet specific customer needs.

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