INEOS Styrolution K-Resin®

K-Resin® Styrenic Block Copolymer (SBC) from Ineos Styrolution is known for its sparkling clarity, high gloss, stiffness, shatterproof toughness and easy processing. K-Resin® has been successively used for over 40-years in applications ranging from toys to packaging, from food containers to medical components, from consumer products to housewares and everything in between. It is often blended into crystal polystyrene to increase its impact and toughness without sacrificing clarity and transparency. It offers the excellent processability of styrenic resins and is suitable for all processing methods including injection molding, blow molding, cast and blown film, sheet extrusion and thermoforming. K-Resin® has good compatibility to many different polymers, therefore it is well suited for use in co-extrusion applications. K-Resin® can offer energy savings over other clear materials because it requires no drying prior to processing and because of the lower processing temperatures required.

While K-Resin® is most commonly blended with crystal polystyrene to increase stiffness and reduce cost, it can also be blended with several other polymers including SAN, PETG, PP and SMMA. Blending SAN into K-Resin can increase the stiffness and surface hardness while maintaining clarity. Blending with PETG can increase the impact strength while maintaining clarity. Blending with PP gives the molded part an interesting iridescent look. And blending with SMMA will result in increased stiffness, temperature resistance and surface hardness.

K-Resin® can be decorated using common methods such as hot stamping, screen printing, offset printing and flexographic printing. Grades of K-Resin® that contain mold release additives may require surface treatment before printing.

Typical applications for K-Resin® include:

  • Rigid Packaging
  • Blister Packaging
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Toys
  • Consumer Goods
  • Household Goods
  • Appliances
  • Office Products
  • Medical
  • Customer Compounds

Advantages of K-Resin®:

  • Clarity, Transparency
  • Low Density, Light Weight
  • High Gloss
  • High Impact, Toughness
  • Easy Processing, No Drying

Consider K-Resin® as a possible candidate for your next clear application where clarity, toughness and stiffness are required.

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