Injection Molding – General Processing Ranges

Entec’s handy reference guide, Injection Molding – General Processing Ranges, provides injection molders and processing engineers with a quick reference that lists typical injection molding conditions for many common thermoplastics. This guide not only provides typical drying times and drying temperatures for various resins, but it also gives the maximum allowable moisture content for processing. Typical melt temperature and mold temperature ranges are provided for a wide range of thermoplastics and in many cases, are separated for both the unfilled and reinforced polymers. This guide also provides flow-direction mold shrinkage ranges that can be used to compare the mold shrinkage between various thermoplastics.

Injection Molding – General Processing Ranges is a great tool for processing engineers that allows them to quickly find, or compare, processing parameters for dozens of the most common thermoplastics materials all in one handy document. While this document is not intended to be a substitute for grade-specific processing guides provided by resin suppliers, it does provide for a quick reference when resin-specific processing guides may not be available.

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