National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Overview

NSF testing, auditing and certification services assure suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers that an independent organization has reviewed a product or system to comply with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance. NSF approved materials are used across the construction, industrial, commercial, and residential industries. A searchable database of plastic materials that are certified to various NSF Standards can be found at Entec Polymers maintains a complete list of existing grades that meet various NSF specifications. If you are conducting a search for a new material that meets NSF standards, we have the following classes that can help to narrow your search.

Material Type

  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • PBT
  • PC
  • PE
  • PESU
  • PMMA
  • POM
  • PP
  • PPE
  • PPS
  • PPSU
  • PSU
  • SAN
  • TPU

The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements. We are happy to work with our customers to help advise on specific certification requests to ensure the right product is selected for your application. Many common NSF standards that are utilized for the plastics industry are listed below.

  • NSF 14 Piping System Components
  • NSF 24 Plumbing System Components for Recreational Vehicles
  • NSF 50 Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities
  • NSF 51 Food Equipment Materials
  • NSF 61 Drinking Water System Components

We look forward to assisting you in your next NSF listed product development.

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