PC/ABS Impact Modification Using Dow Elvaloy

PC/ABS blends are a common engineering resin used in a range of engineering applications. With the push for sustainability and circularity, more compounders are producing PC/ABS blends using recycled feedstocks. Dow Elvaloy™ and Elvaloy™ AC are effective impact modifiers for these blends. For blends that are rich in ABS (>50%), Elvaloy™ AC 1330 or AC 1224 at a 5% – 7% loading is suggested for improvement in impact strength down to -20°C. For blends that are rich in PC (>50%) a 5% loading of a 70/30 blend of Elvaloy™ AC 1330 + Elvaloy™ PTW is recommended in order to minimize the possibility of delamination while offering improved impact performance.

Blends of Elvaloy™ AC + Elvaloy™ PTW offer:

  • Improvements in impact strength at 23°C, 0°C and -20°C
  • Significantly improved elongation
  • Significantly reduced delamination
  • Reduced melt viscosity
  • Good thermal stability
  • Minimum loss of HDT

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