TOPAS COC Product Guide

TOPAS® COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer) is a glass clear and extremely pure plastic for healthcare, packaging, optics, and electronic applications. TOPAS® COC is an amorphous, transparent copolymer based on cyclic olefins and linear olefins. Cyclic olefin copolymers have property profiles which can be varied over a wide range during the polymerization process by customizing the chemical structure of the copolymer. Some of the performance benefits of TOPAS® COC include:

  • Low Density
  • High Transparency & High Gloss
  • Low Birefringence
  • Extremely Low Water Absorption
  • Excellent Water Vapor Barrier Properties
  • Heat Deflection Temperatures up to 170°C
  • High Rigidity, Tensile Strength & Hardness
  • Excellent Biocompatibility
  • Good Resistance to Acids & Alkalis
  • Good Processability

From insulin delivery to food contact films, to table and smartphone components, TOPAS® COC is the high-performance material of choice. Injection molding grades are used in primary drug packaging – in the form of prefilled syringes, vials, blister packs, pouches and lightweight wearables. Medical uses include advanced diagnostics, microtiter plates and microfluidic applications.

Film extrusion grades are used in recyclable PE mono-material packaging films, thermoforming film and sheet, protective packaging, shrink sleeves and labels, twist wrap, metallized film and sealant film. Because of its high stiffness, TOPAS can be utilized to produce a film with the dead fold characteristics required by twist-wrapped candy.

TOPAS® COC can be blended into polyethylene, especially LLDPE, to modify various properties. Adding 10% TOPAS to polyethylene can increase the stiffness more than 100%, allowing for downgauging to thinner and less costly film structures. Adding TOPAS to polyethylene can increase the thermal resistance of the film and is also used to decrease the machine direction tear resistance, allowing for an easy-tear design.

Because of its high gloss and excellent compatibility with polyethylene, TOPAS has been utilized as a high-gloss skin layer on 2-layer blow molded polyethylene bottles.

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