Trinseo MAGNUM ABS Product Guide

MAGNUM™ ABS resins are purer, cleaner, and superior to other ABS resins. Their proprietary continuous mass polymerization process results in a more consistent product, with a cleaner, whiter natural color. Advantages of MAGNUM™ ABS include: white base color, excellent color stability, excellent lot-to-lot consistency, excellent thermal stability, low gel level, low VOCs and a wider processing window. MAGNUM™ ABS resins are available in a range of melt flow rates, impact strengths and heat resistance as well as low gloss and high gloss. MAGNUM™ ABS can be processed by most standard processing methods such as injection molding, sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, and thermoforming and some grades can also be electroplated. MAGNUM™ ABS is used in a wide range of applications such as consumer electronics, floor care, furniture, housewares, large and small appliances, pipe and fittings, and computer and telecommunication components Low gloss grades of MAGNUM™ ABS are widely used in automotive interior trim applications as well as exterior electroplated applications.

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