Venting Molds in Rotational Molding

Properly venting your rotational molds is an absolutely critical part of the overall molding process and plays a major role in reducing your part scrap due to defects. Insufficient venting or clogged vents will certainly cause parting line issues on your parts and create build-up on the molds parting lines. Cleaning your vent tubes is a step that we believe should be conducted on every cycle to ensure that you are getting the maximum venting efficiency. It’s a step in the process that many operators don’t like to do each time, but it has one of the biggest effects on part quality. Taking the small amount of extra time to clean the vents ensures that you are giving your process the best opportunity to produce high quality parts from the start. 

There are many different thoughts, concepts, ideas and ways of venting your molds. We have outlined the basic type of vent that the majority of roto molders use in this information. For more detailed information on venting or to further discuss ideas and concepts please reach out to your Entec Polymers Account Representative or Rotomolding Tech Service Engineer. We are here to support our customers and help them be successful!

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