Grilamid 2S polyamide 610 (PA610) is created through poly-condensation of hexamethylene diamine and sebacic acid.

Hexamethylene diamine is obtained from crude oil, while sebacic acid is obtained following a multiple-step chemical process from the renewable bio-raw material castor oil. This means the polyamide 610 polymer is made to 62 per cent of renewable raw materials. Bio-based Grilamid 2S products are sold by EMS-GRIVORY under the general term GreenLine.

Special features of Grilamid 2S PA610 are:

  • Use of 62% renewable basic raw materials (in relation to the polymer)
  • Low water absorption and good dimensional stability compared to PA6 or PA66
  • Good resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • High melting point of 215°C
  • Problem-free processing

Due to its high melting point, Grilamid 2S PA610 is especially well suited for pipes, connectors and other under-the-hood automotive applications which are exposed to high temperatures. Further preferred applications are industrial pipes for pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as sports and leisure.

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