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Toppyl and Koattro Polybutene-1 Resins for High Performance Polyolefin Challenges

As part of the polyolefin family, Polybutene-1 (PB-1) resins can bring key performance attributes that go above and beyond traditional Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) polymers. LyondellBasell has a broad portfolio of PB-1 products, which are part of the Toppyl and Koattro product families. This technology has been around for many years, but continues to find new placement in markets that require high creep resistance, low thermal expansion and high temperature property retention, excellent stress crack resistance or high sheer thinning.

PB-1 products have commonly been used in seal-peel films for many years, and continue to be a leading technology for this packaging market. Additional uses include large part or complex injection molding, where the high sheer thinning and low pressure processing can help to manage cavity fill. Compounders can benefit from the easy dispersability and possibility of reduced filler, especially for colors and minerals. Certain plumbing applications, such as drainage pipe and hot water tanks, see tremendous results due to the very low creep and high thermal resistance of PB-1.

Toppyl and Koattro Polybutene-1 Resins

Entec Polymers: Specialty polyolefin products for distribution

To expand their specialty polyolefin distribution products, Entec Polymers is adding the Catalloy, Polybutene-1 and Koattro resins from LyondellBasell. The Catalloy family, which includes the Adsyl, Adflex, and Hifax trade names, is designed for a balance of toughness, heat resistance and stiffness, and will effectively complement commodity polyethylene and polypropylene applications. The Polybutene-1 and Toppyl product lines are primarily used as flow enhancers and in seal-peal applications for the flexible packaging industry. Koattro is a new family of high molecular weight plastomers that offer improved compression set, enhanced softness and elastic recovery in clear polypropylene applications.

Entec Polymers will work closely with LyondellBasell to introduce these product lines to a broad array of customers in the Americas. With a strategic focus on the automotive and packaging markets, Entec will work with customers on long-term project developments and strengthen LyondellBasell’s reach in the marketplace.

Entec Polymers has been a key market player in the automotive plastics industry since its inception in 1985. The addition of LyondellBasell resins fits well into their existing product line and offers Tier I automotive molders a balanced property profile for interior applications.

“The Catalloy and Polybutene-1 materials are extremely unique technologies,” says Kirt Dmytruk, Product Manager for Entec Polymers. “These product families will bolster the growth with customers in our strategic markets, where we already have dedicated commercial and technical resources to support the activity.”

Entec Polymers adds more LyondellBasell specialty resins

Entec Polymers now is distributing Catalloy, Polybutene-1 and Koattro specialty resins for LyondellBasell Industries.

Orlando, Fla.-based Entec is adding those materials as an expansion of their specialty polyolefin products, officials said in a recent news release. Entec will target the materials at the automotive and packaging markets.

Catalloy includes the Adsyl, Adflex and Hifax trade names and is designed for toughness, heat resistance and stiffness. The materials will complement commodity polyethylene and polypropylene uses. Polybutene-1 grades — including Toppyl — are used as flow enhancers and in seal-peel applications for flexible packaging.

Koattro is a new family of high molecular-weight plastomers that offer improved compression set, softness and elastic recovery in clear PP uses.

“These product families will bolster growth with customers in our strategic markets,” Entec product manager Kirt Dmytruk said in the release. Entec is a unit of global distribution, compounding and recycling firm Ravago Group.

Showcasing the Entec Partnership with Essel Propack

Entec Polymers has been a key developmental supplier to Essel Propack for several years. This partnership, along with Essel’s industry-leading innovation and design, was featured in Manufacturing Today in May, 2014.

RMA Now Producing CRYSTALADD Nucleator Masterbatch Resins

Where there are opportunities to increase the performance of your PE process, consider adding CRYSTALADD nucleating masterbatches for shorter cycle times, enhanced barrier properties, better ESCR performance and increased clarity. These additives are easy to integrate into your product and designed for injection molding, extrusion blow molding, film and tube extrusion.

CRYSTALADD Nucleator Masterbatch Product Overview

Processing Resources from Entec

Molded goods and the materials required to create them change. You may find that substituting one material with another can make your product stronger, more durable or more efficient.

Entec is committed to making it as easy as possible for customers to change materials without surprises in manufacturing. The General Polymer Processing Guide is designed for customers to determine material differences for specific applications.

General Polymer Processing Guide

Styrolution Luran® S 777 K ASA

Luran® S 777 K is a weatherable polymer that is specifically designed to meet a wide range of exterior, mold in color automotive applications. This acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) resin offers the following performance characteristics: superior weatherability, impact resistance, color retention/consistency, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and processing versatility/easy flow. Luran S 777 K has been successfully used for high gloss and grained exterior automotive parts for more than 30 years.

Styron™ PULSE™ 2000EZ PC/ABS For Automotive Applications

Interior component details on cars and trucks can be one of the most important aspects of driver comfort. These parts need to be durable, aesthetically appealing, and able to withstand the tests of time. See how PULSE™ 2000EZ PC/ABS resin from Styron™ is designed to meet these demanding performance requirements.

Styron™ PULSE™ 2000EZ PC/ABS Product Overview

Styrolution Terluran® ABS and Luran S® ASA Product Overview

Styrolution produces acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) copolymers and acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) polymers which are used in a wide variety of durable applications. If your parts demand the highest performance in outdoor applications, high heat stability, high or low gloss levels and great toughness, then consider the options available in the Terluran ABS and Luran S ASA portfolios.

Styrolution Terluran® ABS and Luran S® ASA Product Overview

Styrolution Novodur® P2MC & Novodur® 4000PG for Electroplating Applications

Styrolution carries a broad line of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) resins designed for use in many industries. As part of their continued devotion to the automotive and performance products areas, a line of Novodur® ABS resins has been designed specifically for electroplating applications. Two of these grades are highlighted here:

Novodur® P2MC
• Complicated parts are molded stress free
• Available in natural & grey
• Low scrap rate
• Approved to Ford on the WSK-M4D836-A specification (high heat electroplating)

Novodur® 4000PG
• This high heat grade can be easier to mold than PC/ABS
• Helps achieve thin wall molding
• Low scrap rate

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